A Prior Engagement

Ten years on since we lost the owd fella.

The Calverton Plough Play

  • Our current Beelzy, Simon, has an update for Paul, the previous incumbent.

Paul Prior 350x468Evening Paul.

I’ve been listening again to that interview you did with the 1996 Plough Boys on the radio. It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to that interview. I still get a bit nostalgic and sentimental (though still enormously proud) when I hear it. That bit where you say: ‘When I pop my clogs, I hope a younger fella will come along.’

I’m still here, Paul. Made a promise, didn’t I?

It’s been seven years since I wrote about taking over from you as Beelzebub in this bizarre old folk tradition called the Calverton Plough Play. It’s been ten years since we sang at your funeral and we still miss you, toast you, and wish you were here.

Thirteen years I’ve been a devil now. But what’s weird is, two months after I play…

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