The Life and Times of Ossett Flushdyke

I wrote three series of this hit comedy podcast. The Life and Times of Ossett Flushdyke follows the dubious globe-trotting escapades of a bungling aristocrat and his long-suffering butler. Originally written for radio, considerably cleaner versions of these shows have been broadcast on the BBC.

‘Guaranteed wet-your-knickers funny. Pure genius.’ MEVIO.COM

Beware! The below (complete) adventure might be a tad fruity. Tally ho!


I write a fake news website (calvoblog.com) for the residents of Calverton, Nottingham. No dogs, ducks, turkeys, horses, big man reptiles, velociraptors or colossal sentient larvae were hurt in the making of this podcast version.


Beware! This podcast contains an anaconda which some listeners think is real, bless them.